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[wpbucket_service wpbucket_service_title=”What is an endowment gift?”]An endowment gift is a donation to an established permanent or long-term fund that is invested in a blend of publicly traded stocks and bonds, which intends to create a steady stream of annual income to support the mission of Fellowship of Evangelical Churches denomination (FEC), FEC churches or affiliates.[/wpbucket_service][wpbucket_service wpbucket_service_title=”How long does an endowment last?”]At your option, your gift can be maintained in perpetuity or long-term and make a lasting, meaningful difference in areas of FEC’s ministries that are especially meaningful to you.[/wpbucket_service][wpbucket_service wpbucket_service_title=”How do I start an endowment gift?”]There are several ways in which you can begin the process of creating an endowment gift either today or as part of your estate plan. Contact us to learn more about taking the next step.[/wpbucket_service]

Why an endowment gift?

An endowment gift may be designated for a specific purpose.  You might wish to make the endowment gift in your honor or in memory of another person while providing long-term support of the ministry that God has placed on your heart.  We can help you make a gift that creates a legacy of remembrance for you and your loved ones.

Endowment gifts are not just for wealthy people.  Anyone can make a gift that lasts permanently or for an extensive period of time.

For additional information on endowment giving or to review information about our endowment plan, please contact us.  We look forward to helping you create your legacy!

[wpbucket_acccordion_master ac_headline=”Ways to make endowment gifts”][wpbucket_acccordion_child ac_number=”” ac_id=”01″ ac_active=”Active” ac_title=”Cash or Appreciated Property”]You can make an outright gift of cash or appreciated property to our endowment. The income stream from your gift will begin the first year the gift is received. The gift will provide you with a tax saving charitable deduction and no capital gains tax.[/wpbucket_acccordion_child][wpbucket_acccordion_child ac_number=”” ac_id=”02″ ac_active=”Inactive” ac_title=”Charitable Gift Annuity”]You make a gift of cash or property to a Charitable Gift Annuity. In return, you will receive payments to you or you and a loved one, or another person. Each payment will be fixed and the amount of each payment will depend on the age of the person who receives the payments. Depending upon your gift, you may receive the added benefit of mostly tax-free payments. You will also receive a charitable deduction the year that you set up the gift annuity. When the annuity contract is completed (all recipients have passed away) the remainder will be gifted to our endowment for the charitable purpose you identified.[/wpbucket_acccordion_child][wpbucket_acccordion_child ac_number=”” ac_id=”03″ ac_active=”Inactive” ac_title=”Charitable Remainder Trust”]When you transfer your cash or appreciated property to a charitable remainder trust, the trust will pay you income for your life or a number of years. You will receive a tax saving charitable deduction for your gift of the remainder to our endowment.[/wpbucket_acccordion_child][wpbucket_acccordion_child ac_number=”” ac_id=”04″ ac_active=”Inactive” ac_title=”Bequest”]A gift to our endowment made through your will or trust, may provide your estate with valuable tax savings. Your endowment bequest can be a gift of a specific asset, percentage of your estate or the residue (what’s left after specific bequests are made to your family).[/wpbucket_acccordion_child][/wpbucket_acccordion_master]
[wpbucket_acccordion_master ac_headline=”Learn More About FLF…”][wpbucket_acccordion_child ac_number=”” ac_id=”about-01″ ac_active=”Active” ac_title=”FLF Directors”]Douglas Bernath; Vice-Chairman; age 62; Stryker, Ohio; Owner/Advisor, Freedom Investments and Insurance LLC, 2008 through present; Financial Advisor, FM Investments/Raymond James Brokerage, 2000 through 2008; Manager, Sky Investments and Insurance, 1998 through 2000; Agent/Sales Manager Prudential Insurance Co., 1989 through 1998; Assoc. Degree, Marketing/Management, Northwest State Community College, Class of 1979; B.A. in Business Services, University of Toledo, Class of 1981.

Jennifer Lance, age 46; Leo, Indiana; Purchasing Supervisor, Nucor Building Systems, 2011 to Present; Purchasing Agent, Nucor Building Systems, 2006 through 2011; Senior Buyer, Cooper Standard Automotive, 1997 through 2006; B.S. in Marketing and Human Resources, University of Findlay, Class of 1998; MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University, Class of 2011

David Steiner; age 58; Treasurer; Fort Wayne, IN; Attorney, Barrett McNagny LLP, 1989 through present; B.S. in Business Administration, Taylor University, Class of 1986; J.D., Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington, IN, Class of 1989.

David Teat; Chairman, age 70; CSF President (Retired); Fort Wayne, Indiana; Owner, Skyview Ag Imaging, LLC, 2012 through 2015; Owner, Heartland Helicopters, LLC, 2010 through 2012; Business Analyst, Ambassador Enterprises, 2008 through 2010; General Manager, Ambassador Steel – Ambassador Bridge & Paving, 2006 through 2009; Director, Ambassador – Covenant Capital, LLC, 2005 through 2006; B.S>, Wheaton College, Class of 1974; M.B.A., Indiana University, Class of 1977.

E. Nathan Zimmerman; age 40; Secretary; Fort Wayne, IN; Director of Finance & Benefits, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches, from 2015 through Present; Financial Advisor, Zimmerman Financial Group / Royal Alliance Associates, 2004 through 2015; B.S. in Business Management, Taylor University Fort Wayne, Class of 2004.

Bruce Wright; Excecutive Director; age 64; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Senior Vice President, Lake City Bank from 1998 to present; Management trainee, Vice President and Regional Manager, Fort Wayne National Bank from 1980 through 1998; B.A. in Business Administration, Taylor University Upland, Class of 1979; Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin, Class of 1989.[/wpbucket_acccordion_child][wpbucket_acccordion_child ac_number=”” ac_id=”about-02″ ac_active=”Inactive” ac_title=”FLF Investment Manager”]FLF’s investment manager is SJS Investment Services, an independent advisor managing over $2.2 billion as of 6/30/2020. According to the SJS website: “Since 1995, SJS has served as an investment advisor and co-fiduciary for non-profits, endowments, and foundations. We support the people and board members responsible for leading those organizations through a fiduciary obligation and a disciplined investment process, MarketPlus Investing®, which provides personalized investment portfolios built for cost efficiency and based on each organizations long-term goals. We strive to ensure that your resources are enduring so that they allow you to serve the people and causes at the heart of your mission for generations to come.”

Learn more at https://sjsinvest.com/.[/wpbucket_acccordion_child][/wpbucket_acccordion_master]

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